WYB Field Hockey is a youth sports program offered by the Worthington Youth Boosters (WYB), a non-profit organization. Our mission is to provide affordable opportunities for children who reside or attend school in the Worthington School District to parti

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Athletes in 4th grade or higher must bring the following personal items to the first day of practice. See the resources at the bottom of this page for online and local retailers. 

Athletes in the beginner program (2nd/3rd grade) do not need goggles and can borrow a stick from the program.  If they have shin guards, those are recommended but not required.


Field Hockey Stick -  height of the stick should be based roughly on length from foot to hip bone - hold the stick up to one leg and make sure the top of the stick goes up to about the hip bone, not more than an inch higher or lower. All field hockey sticks are right handed - there are no left handed field hockey sticks.  See the Longstreth stick guide for more information on choosing the right stick: https://www.longstreth.com/field-hockey/how-to-choose-a-field-hockey-stick.asp


Approved Field Hockey Goggles - must meet the ASTM F2713-09 standard. This will usually be marked on the box or on the goggles. Goggles that do not meet this standard are not allowed. Lacrosse-only goggles are not allowed.  See Longstreth's guide to ensure your athlete is in legal field hockey goggles: https://www.longstreth.com/field-hockey/legal-field-hockey-goggles.asp

2020 update: rule change on goggles makes them now optional, however, still strongly recommended.


Field Hockey Shin Guards - soccer shin guards are not allowed as they do not provide enough ankle protection, etc.  Field hockey shin guards should cover both inner and outer ankle bones.


Mouth Guard - must be of a color other than white or clear for officiated games. Special mouth guards can be purchased to fit over braces.


Water Bottle - Full of water!!!!


Cleats or Running/Cross Trainer Athletic Shoes - Elementary players just need athletic shoes.  For middle school, cleats (soccer style) are recommended for grass.  On turf, athletes can wear athletic shoes, soccer-style cleats or a special turf shoe.


Some field hockey equipment resources: